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Press Releases

04/10/2018 The BCRA Authorized Non-Bank ATMs to be linked to Already Existing ATM Networks
03/22/2018 Banks To Highlight the Total Financial Cost in Agreements
03/08/2018 2-Peso Banknotes can be Exchanged until April 27
02/22/2018 Argentine $500 Bill Wins Award for Best Banknote
05/31/2017 Financial Innovation Event in Mendoza
05/31/2017 The Central Bank of Argentina Published its 2016 Balance Sheet
05/24/2017 The Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) has already destroyed 350 million worn banknotes
05/20/2017 Meeting of Central Bank Governors organized by the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA)
04/27/2017 Removal of Limits on Bank Transfers
04/27/2017 BCRA to grant more financing to exporters
04/24/2017 UVA-adjusted Loans Have Already Reached 5 Billion Pesos
03/31/2017 BCRA incorporates the most valuable collection of Argentine coins
01/10/2017 The new means of payment boosted by the BCRA became operational
12/29/2016 Open data on the BCRA website
12/19/2016 The BCRA awarded the Economic Research Annual Award to 2016 winners
12/16/2016 IX National Painting Award sponsored by the Central Bank of Argentina 2016| Opening and Award Ceremonys
12/12/2016 The Central Bank pays USD 1 billion and pays up its reverse repos with international banks
11/30/2016 The Senate confirmed Sturzenegger´s nomination
11/24/2016 New savings accounts for the underaged
11/24/2016 #Financial Hackathon | Winners
11/03/2016 The BCRA has relaxed the operations of foreign exchange houses
11/02/2016 Financial Innovation Hackathon
10/31/2016 The Central Bank pays off its liabilities to the BIS
10/26/2016 The BCRA launches the 200-peso bill
10/11/2016 Round table on inclusive finance chaired by Federico Sturzenegger with Queen Máxima as a prominent figure
09/22/2016 The Central Bank of Argentina regulates online check deposits
09/19/2016 2016 Money and Banking Conferences
09/19/2016 Opening speech at the 2016 Money and Banking Conferences
09/15/2016 BCRA regulates the expansion of instruments for long-term savings and credit facilities
09/14/2016 Federico Sturzenegger at Argentina Business & Investment Forum
09/09/2016 Savings accounts may be opened online
08/31/2016 The Central Bank signed a commitment to implement a healthy environment strategy
08/31/2016 X Economic Research Annual Award "Dr. Raúl Prebisch"
08/26/2016 BCRA Relaxes Requirements to Open Savings Accounts as a Way to Further Financial Inclusion
08/25/2016 The Central Bank launches the IX National Painting Award
08/24/2016 The Central Bank discloses an increased level of statistical information about government bond holdings in financial institutions
08/17/2016 The BCRA discloses an increased level of statistical information about public and private sector loans and deposits
08/12/2016 The Central Bank facilitates the possibility of changing banks to promote competence
08/08/2016 The Central Bank of Argentina streamlines the Exchange Market and Removes Remaining Rules on Foreign Exchange Clamp
07/29/2016 The BCRA reduces its reverse repos and achieves its lowest rate ever
07/18/2016 The BCRA will Stop Persecuting 60,000 People for Foreign Exchange Violations that no Longer Exist
07/17/2016 500 Jaguars
07/04/2016 BCRA Relaunches Market Expectations Survey (REM)
06/29/2016 AR$500 banknote already in circulation
06/24/2016 Improvements in the display of the factors explaining the variation of the Monetary Base
06/03/2016 Thomas Sargent, Nobel Prize in Economics, visited the Central Bank