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Winning Works of the BCRA Painting Award 2020

The BCRA has announced the winning works of the XIII edition of the Painting Award 2020, and the honorable distinctions given by the jury.

Gustavo Marrone has been awarded the First Purchase Prize in the Senior category for his work El narigón todo lo sabe (The Big Nose Knows Everything) (2020), while Celina Eceiza has been awarded the First Purchase Prize in the Junior category for her work Sin título (Untitled) (2019).

The pictures of the winning works in each category are available in the virtual catalogue in PDF format.

Elsa Soibelman, an internationally recognized Argentine artist, received the Great Prize for Distinguished Painters.

She got involved in the pop movement of the 1960s and took part in different activities in the Art and Communication Center (Centro de Arte y Comunicación, CAYC) during the 70s. In 1972, she was the Argentine representative at the XXXVI Venice International Art Biennale. By the late 70s, she joined the group Post-Figuración (Post-Figuration) with Jorge Álvaro, Mildred Burton, Diana Dowek, Alberto Heredia, and Norberto Gómez, bringing an innovative vision of artistic realism. Her later works exhibit distorted human figures that challenge the construction of body images in contemporary culture.

The Central Bank National Painting Award 2020 has had a record number of participants (1038) registered for the contest online through an application that made the Award stand out once again for its federal nature. The selection of 51 works and the subsequent award of prizes were performed by Adriana Lauría, Claudio Iglesias, Marina de Caro, Roberto Echen, and Tomás Espina, with Rodrigo Alonso as curator: “Art and culture are factors of social inclusion. The BCRA, in its 85th anniversary, reaffirms its commitment to economic development with social equality by promoting emerging and established artists,” said Miguel Ángel Pesce, President of the institution.

During 2020, the communication campaign of the BCRA Painting Award focused on social networks under the hashtag #ElArteNosUne to promote art as an essential tool for connecting people, bearing in mind that we are living in a time in which we are moved by emotions.

The Central Bank National Painting Award is an initiative that allowed to consolidate a gallery of more than 100 works for the BCRA Collection, which includes original works by Clorindo Testa, Carlos Alonso, León Ferrari, Gyula Kosice, Julio Le Parc, Liliana Porter, Alejandro Puente, Luis Felipe Noé, Marcia Schvartz, Luis Tomasello, Margarita Paksa, and Josefina Robirosa, among other artists. This collection, which is part of Argentina's artistic heritage, stands for our culture and identity.

Awarded Works

Great Prize for Distinguished Painters
Uno más otro(One Plus Another) (1972) by Elsa Soibelman

First Purchase Prize. Senior Category
El narigón todo lo sabe(The Big Nose Knows Everything) (2020) by Gustavo Marrone

Second Purchase Prize. Senior Category
Sin título (Untitled) (2020) by Débora Pierpaoli

Third Purchase Prize. Senior Category
Gomero temporada primavera/verano (Rubber Fig Spring/Summer Season) (2020) by Cinthia Rched

Honorable Distinctions. Senior Category (no purchase, no ranking)
Tu obra (Your Work) (2019) by
Párergon (2020) de Leandro Yadanza
La gran distracción (Parergon) (2020) by Gastón Marcelo Wyszlawski

First Purchase Prize. Junior Category
Sin título (Untitled) (2019) by Celina Eceiza

Second Purchase Prize. Junior Category
Sed (Thirst) (2020) by Agustina Mazzocco

Third Purchase Prize. Junior Category
El poder de mis ancestras (The Power of My Female Ancestors) (2020) by Mariana Sarai Pérez

Honorable Distinctions. Junior Category (no purchase, no ranking)
Hombre con perros (Man with Dogs) (2019) by Matías Tomás
De la serie Jitter (From the Jitter Series) (2020) by Jimena Travaglio
Rasguño (Scratch) (2020) by Magdalena Petroni


Uno más otro , (One Plus Another) by Elsa Soibelman, who was awarded the Great Prize for Distinguished Painters.